Friday, 16 December 2016

Crochet chequered clutch with free pattern for ruffled flower

Hello crocheters !! I'm back with yet another clutch purse.

It's all chequered with a ruffly flower.I have not noted down the pattern for the clutch (read was lazy). But I'll be posting it pretty soon. There's a free pattern for the ruffly flower though.

Now I would call this clutch purse partly tapestry coz I've used modified sc for it. Instead of crocheting different squares and then joining it together, I carried both the yarns while crocheting like it is done in tapestry. So that saved me a hell lot of time!

I've used 3mm crochet hook for the clutch n the flower as well.
Yarn is 100% acrylic

Chain 4 and slip st in the first chain to form a small circle. You can start with a magic ring as well.
Round 1

Work 12 hdc in the small circle/magic ring.
Slip st to join. You can also work 12 sc instead of hdc.

Round 2

Now all you have to do is work 3 DC in each st around. Slip st to join.

Round 3
This is a repeat of round 2 ,i.e. 3 DC in each st. Slip st to join.

Round 4
Again a repeat of 3dc in each such around. At this stage it will start ruffling really well.

See the ruffles??

I sewed the center of the flower with a whip stitch.
 i attached a zipper to this clutch also.

So yeah!! That's it. I hope this is made easy for you. Have a happy weekend . bye!!

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