Friday, 23 December 2016

a giant crocheted granny sling bag...

hello lovelies... well im back with yet another tutorial..its my giant sling bag
.Now this one was custom made for my client. since she is very tall ( read 5.9") and athletic build, she wanted something which could over whelm her !!! well i tried my best to make her happy and i succeeded ...yay !!!
now you dont need any rocket science for this sling .All you need is 8 pieces of grannies and join them together , four for  each side.

for the side panel:
what I did is i joined the back and front panel with the" join as you go"method which doubled as a side panel too.

I crocheted one long strip of around 6dc as the foundation ,back and forth. The handle is pretty long. You can adjust the length however. I joined it with sc.

I did not line the bag this time but I attached a zipper to it. For the pocket I crocheted a piece of fabric and attached it with a whip stitch.
 for a detailed post on lining you can go here , here and here

. So that's almost it. See?? easy peasy !!!

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