Thursday, 24 September 2015

Granny ripple bag tutorial with lining

In my earlier post I was talking about this easy peasy ripple stitch. And I had also mentioned that I’m making a bag out of it... By now you guys must’ve figured out my craze fetish for bags.
Yes I’m a bag crazy woman who drools at almost any crocheted bag.  And when the stitches are as easy as this one then it’s like a cake walk….  So moving on from my blabber I present u a granny ripple bag…its cute, it’s adorable and it was fun whipping it up…
I used 100%spun polyester yarn
Hook size 2.5 mm
You will require 2 crocheted fabric of granny ripple for front and back
three more panels for the sides and bottom

for the joining method you can go here
when you are done joining it should look like this 

Now this is completely optional but I like to line my bags .it gives a more “finished look.”
 I took half a meter of cloth and cut it the size of the bag.
Next, cut 2 pockets .Now place one pocket on the right side of one piece of cloth and stitch it .Do this for the next pocket also. For this I used my sewing machine
. If you have inertia for stitching you can very well hand stitch not a pro at it too, but simple hems doesn’t scare me. Moving on, place both the fabric right side facing down and sew all the way starting from the sides to the bottom and the remaining sides. It should look like this.
It doesn’t matter if the hems are not in line coz it won’t show once the lining is placed in the bag. Now arrange the lining as shown and pin it
.The right side of the lining should be inside the bag
.Next I sewed the lining on place by whip stitch .I suggest you do the same .looks neat. Done!!!
Yes again!!! Not that I don’t know to crochet any other pattern besides this but I somehow find it sturdy crocheting all the way around instead of simply crocheting the handles separately and sewing it on the bag. You can very well use your own pattern but I think I’ll stick to it.
Starting from one corner of the bag, sc till you reach the “peak” of the bag. Now 2 sc in the “peak”, and 2 more sc in next 2 st. chain 3 and turn. dc in the next 5 sc .u should have a total of 6 dc including the turn chain.
Continue with this pattern till you reach the desired length .join in the last corner of the ripple and continue with sc around till you reach the corner of the flip side. Continue with the above pattern for the next till you reach the starting point .Again done!!!! I’ve accessorized this lovely with some here you go ..a lovely bag!!!