Monday, 8 February 2016

13 mitered square granny bag free pattern

Hey there..its been quite a while I was MIA..well there were some other scenes in my life going on n I had absolutely no time to either crochet or blog!!! Its been a week since my "freedom" n I set forth to crochet .The first  thing I did was to finish off my pending WIP ... my mitered square bag .
In my earlier post , I shared a pattern for mitered square . You will need 13 of these "grannies"and place them like this
Next, fold  from the center and the sides
After joining the entire squares I went ahead n lined it . Its optional but I always do it . For a detailed description of lining you can go here and here 

For the handles you can go here .
I've accessorized it with a flower which buttons up as well
So that's it guys. Its a fairly simple bag and comes up really easily.
hope you guys liked it and I'm sure i made it easy to understand as well. Thanx for stopping by
Happy crocheting...

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