Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mitered granny square free pattern

This blog is dedicated to bags n purses, you guys must’ve figured it out by now. And I’m more inclined towards granny squares. You can see it here, here and here. Now what I’m up to today is simply amazing. It’s a mitered square!!!!
Now miter means a 45degree corner formed by joining 2 squares. Crochet took it literally!!! But who’s complaining … so let’s get started...
Materials used
100% acrylic yarn I've used 6 different colors
size 3.5mm hook 
To start off ,you need a basic granny square with 2 rows. 
next with a different color,work up chain3,2dc in the same space

now work 3dc in each of the chain space,work up a corner and carry on till the end
chain4 and turn,now work 3dc in each of the space, work up the corner,and carry on till the last space,1dc in the last of the cluster. Fasten off.
turn your work ,starting with a new color chain3, 2dc in the same space then work up a cluster in each of the space,working up the  corner also

chain4,turn,work a cluster of 3dc in each of the space ,work up a corner,continue till you reach the end,1dc in the last chain of the previous cluster.fasten off
turn your work, with a different colour,chain 3,2dc in the space ,work up a cluster in each of the space,work up a corner and carry on till the end
chain4, turn,work up a cluster in each space,work up a corner,carry on till end, 1dc in the last chain,fasten off
  now you can very well stop here or continue with the above pattern for a few rows.I went ahead and did four more rows.
This is the end result.
I'll be using this pattern for my upcoming project. so stay tuned.
Till then happy crocheting....

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