Saturday, 30 July 2016

Granny stripes clutch bag free pattern

Hi !! its been a while I'm not active as a blogger . Not that I'm not any more on the crochet front. there were other things  going on as well and I had to put my crochet stuff in the back seat. Today when my daughter got invited for one of her besties bday ( yes "one of her bestie" ! she has atleast 10 !!)I whipped up something nice and colorful.
This is a granny stripe clutch bag with a rectangle base .So lets get started
I used 100% acrylic yarn
3mm crochet hook. 
I used 5 colors to make it colorful .you can go ahead and make it in a single color. I've used all my scrap yarn in this project.
 round 1
for the rectangle base chain in multiples of 4. I made a chain of 36
1 dc in the fifth chain from the hook . repeat 1 dc in the next 2 chains. chain 1 skip a chain 1 dc in each of the next 3 chains. repeat this pattern till you reach the end and you should have 1 dc in the last stitch.

without turning your work, chain 3 and work 2 dc chain 1 3dc in the last 1 dc of the previous round
chain 1 and make a cluster of 3 dc in the next space.
i kinda messed up here . i did not chain1 in between so its looking like a cluster of 6 .but i used my imagination here as i was too lazy to undo.

continue till the end. now, make a cluster of 3 dc chain 1 3dc chain 1 3dc all in the last space . this is the corner .continue with the pattern of 3 dc in each space.

  in the last space work a cluster of 3dc chain1 slip st to join . this is the basic rectangle base ,

round 2
this is an increase round . so if you wanna skip this and directly move on to the third round its fine .
 slip st till you reach the chain 1 space of the corner. work a cluster of 3dc chain1 3dc.
chain1 and continue working a cluster in each space till you reach the next corner . repeat the above pattern. slip st to join.
round 3
no increase from here on.
with a different color chain3 in the space and 2dc. this is the first cluster. chain1 and work a cluster in each space. slip st to join.
with the same color as round3 slip st till you reach the space and pick up a new color. repeat the pattern of working a cluster in each space. slip st to join.
round 5 -16 is a repeat of round 4.

for the handles
nothing fancy about it .you can go ahead and make your own version. for the rest of you follow on.
work a set of four clusters. chain 20. skip 20 chains.if you want a bigger handle, you can work more chains. i did only 20. again a set of 4 clusters.this is for one side . repeat this pattern for the other side.
slip st to join
continue working clusters in each space.
i worked 1dc in chain 20 from previous round.
repeat the same pattern for the other side.
i did a total of 2 rounds for the handle
so yes that's it
you're ready to go

happy crocheting !!1

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