Monday, 1 August 2016

small party clutch with tutorial to attach zipper

This time i made a really small n cute party clutch, wallet style, for my daughters bestie.
its really easy and can be made up in a jiffy. so lets gets started.

i used 100% acrylic yarn
size 3mm hook.

round 1
chain42 .1hdc in the third chain from the hook.
1hdc across.
without turning the work, make1hdc in the opposite side of the foundation chain.slip st to join.
round 2
now with a different color,chain 2, work 1 hdc in each st  .slip st to join.
round 3- 16 is a repeat of round 2.

attach zipper at this point. I've used an 8 inch zipper .my clutch measures roughly around 6inches.
now my method is very crude but it works for me.
open the zipper and attach as shown

   use pins to keep the zipper in place. now with back stitch start attaching the zip.
repeat the same stitching technique for the other side taking care the seams do not show on the right side.
since my clutch is smaller than the zipper, i put some extra stich  on the track so that the zipper doesn't
get lost in the bag.

now for the handles
count the stitches on one side from the corner
i counted 12 stitches ,skipped 17 stitches. again 12 stitches.
repeat for the other side
starting from the corner
chain2 1hdc till the first marker .chain17, skip 17 chains, 1hdc in the second marker.
 1hdc across till you reach the corner .continue working 1hdc till you reach the first marker on the other side of the clutch. chain 17 , skip 17 chains ,1hdc in the second marker till you reach the start point. slip st to join.
for the pic you can go here.
chain2 1hdc across the entire row including the chain17.
repeat for 3 rounds. fasten off .
so there you go !! here's the link for the stripes version.
i hope the zipper instruction is easy to follow.
happy crocheting !!!

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