Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Crochet isometric clutch free pattern plus how to install a zipper

Hello crocheters! It's been a while I did not crochet any clutch wallet. So I came up with this beauty and since independence day was in the air I added a dash of my tricolor flag
Now you'll ask me why another post on zipper!! Well this one will be more sorted than the last post.
So moving on
As usual I'm using 100%poly acrylic yarn
3.5mm crochet hook
A zipper
Sewing needle n matching thread

You'll be needing a"rhombus "and four triangles or half granny squares.
To make things easier, instead of writing the pattern of rhombus I drew a diagram
Although I made my rhombus in hdc , I've made the diagram in dc.
This is a very basic diagram. I mean I've showed only 4 rows of increase. You can go ahead and increase the rows add per your wish. I did a total of 23.
Now arrange the triangles as shown and join everything with either slip stitch or sc .I joined them with sc.
This is how it should look.
This is the flip side.
This is the right side.
Now fold your work in half with the wrong side facing down and join the sides with sc. 
Now that the sides are done you simply have to crochet along the mouth of ur clutch. I did a total of 3 rounds. The place where 2 triangles meet has a dip . so to make that level even I did a treble. I'll let the pic do the talking
See? half ready!!!
Now comes the zipper part. Now now! Don't fret. . It's really convenient to know how attach zipper. I had a lot projects simply lying about just coz I dint knew the trick. One fine day I had a halo around my head and I got enlightened by this method of attaching a zipper. Though crude for many of you but it really works for me. And trust me no dependency on any one for such things will make you content. Now enough of my blah blah...
I think a pictorial will be better instead of writing down in words so here goes
First open up the zip till the end. My zip was bigger than my clutch so I snipped it till the desired length and sewed the end to prevent the zipper  slipping from the track.
Next, pin the zipper as shown. Your zipper must be open at this time
Next, start sewing with back stitch taking care that you stitch  the crochet stitches along with the zipper.

Continue till you reach the end. Fasten off and start sewing the other side keeping the pins intact as this will prevent the zipper from slipping out of place. 
Sew the extra end of the zipper also for a neat look
Yeahi know I wrote down the instruction for zipper even though I said I won't. Anyways that's it guys hope this post was easy enough to understand.
Happy crocheting!!

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