Thursday, 11 August 2016

wip finally over !!

i dunno whether its with me or with you guys also but this pending crochet work always kind of repels me.i   had this wip lying since ages. it kinda used to slap me whenever i had a look at it. finally i " gathered" all the corresponding yarn and  completed it . yay !!!
well assembling the bag was pretty easy
i joined the grannies first with sc first and foremost
i then assembled the base and the side panels along with front and back
.i joined the grannies with the half done bag.
now i noticed the flowers were bunching up. so i sewed the petals with a whip stitch. see the difference ?

i didn't line this bag as this was custom made for someone. you can go here for the lining tutorial.and for the handles as well
so that's it almost .

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