Wednesday, 10 August 2016

granny hexagon clutch bag free pattern with lining tutorial

well I'm  back with yet another tutorial . This time its a 13 square granny hex bag.The hex is not a solid one. Came up pretty quick . so lets get going.

i used the usual 100% acrylic chunky yarn
3.5 mm hook
some material for lining
wooden handles

you will need 13 granny hex .arrange as shown
now I've used the join as you go method . frankly this is the easiest method to join grannies.I suggest you do the same.
i usually line my bag at this time when it is fully joined . for a detailed version you can go here, here , and here.
time to fit in the handles. Yes !!! this time i'm going off the route and attaching wooden handles instead of crocheting them !!!
crochet 4 rows  on the mouth of the bag to form a flap
turn the flap over the handle and start crocheting the handle along with the bag using slip st

repeat for the other handle. and tada  you have a gorgeous bag .
P.S the pix this time were very crude .i made this bag in a a very dire urgency .so no time to click something fancy.
happy crocheting !!!!

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