Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fat bottom bag or fbb free pattern with lining

Hola crocheters’ .this time I’m up with a fat bottom bag popularly known as fbb. I’ve made it as a sling .you can make it as a hand bag. You can further up the pattern and make it a huge tote. So here goes..

Materials needed

This is cotton yarn I’ve used ,something very local

3.5mm hook

A spare cloth for lining (optional of course)

I had written a pattern for this bag but it came out pretty lengthy.So I googled this chart

 Now this chart is very simple to read .Simply follow the pattern and if you need a bigger tote you can add some rows in the "black" part.
This is how your bag should look. do not fasten off when you reach the last row of the decrease.

For the lining 
You can line the bag at this stage or later on before crocheting the handle.I chose to line at this stage coz the bag is easy to handle.

Spread the bag out on the lining cloth and cut the lining accordingly
. Cut the pockets. Using a sewing machine hem all the sides of the lining. Attach the pockets on the right side of the lining. Now pin the lining onto the bag

.You should get some pleats on the lining

The pleats will stretch up when you put anything inside the bag ensuring that the bag uses all the space. Now whip stitch the lining all the way around. Done.

Moving on, (working on the sides), the longer side  will be the mouth of the bag.

starting from where you left on the last row of decrease
chain 1, decrease every stitch till you reach the other end of the same side. chain 1 and turn
decrease every second stitch (1 sc then sc 2 together)till you reach the other end. Chain 2 and turn
1 hdc every st around for 6 rows .fasten off.
Continue with this pattern for the opposite side
Do not fasten off . Handles start from here.  
Now I usually go for this handle pattern but you are free to make your own
starting from where you left, chain 150.(Since this is sling pattern i made chain 150, for a regular handle I make a chain of about 120)
Taking care it doesn't turn, slip st on the other end of the mouth
Continue sc around the "smaller" side of the bag till you reach the mouth of other side of the bag

chain 150 and repeat the same as above
Now sc around till u reach the beginning of the 150 chains on the opposite side. slip st to join
Chain 5 skip 2 chains  1dc in the third chain.
Continue around the entire 150 chains till u reach the end of it. slip st in the next sc and continue working a sc around the "small"side  till you reach the other side of the bag.
Repeat the above pattern for the other handle .Slip st to join
I did the above pattern one more time all the way around  to make it more sturdy. I made a loop and a flower which acts as a button too
.For a basic button pattern you can go here
 I hope I made  this pattern easy to understand.

On a request by my friend i made this tiny fbb with only 13 rows of increase, 18 rows of hdc and again 13 rows of decrease.it was fun and came up pretty fast . I Accessorized it with a bow which doubles as a button.
  That's it for now .happy crocheting....

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