Thursday, 19 January 2017

crochet hobo bag -free pattern

hello guys ! im back with my latest fling THE HOBO BAG.
There is no such pattern to this bag.All you need is 2 granny squares and two flat circles.I did 9 rows of the square and 9rows of the circle.
To attach the circle to the square
starting from where you fastened off the circle, count till the first and the last increase and place a marker.

Next , count the number of stitches on one  side of the square . mine had 37 st.Now  start counting the stitches on the circle from where you placed the marker. it should be the number of st. you have on your granny
Attach both the pieces with sc.starting from the stitch marker.

This is how it should look like after attaching the pieces. do the same thing for the remaining circle too.

for the base
crochet a foundation chain corresponding to the square. mine is 37 . so i made 37 +2 chains .
now simply work a dc all the way across back and forth till it measures the  remaining st in between the stitch marker of the circle.
i did a total of 9 rows.
attach it to one part of the attached pieces . this will form a base.


turn your work .
round 1
work a round of dc all across, slp st to join.

round 2
starting from where you slip stitched in round 1 ,count 7 st. place a marker.
count 7 st on the square backwards , starting from the corner .place a marker. do it for the other side too.

work an hdc  from where you slp st in round 1, till the marker. chain 100. slp st the chain in the second marker. work hdc all across till you reach the other side of the bag. repeat the same thing till you reach the beginning of the round. slp st to join.


chain2 from where you slp st . work hdc till you reach the starting of chain 100.
chain2 skip 2 chains and 1dc in the third chain. you are basically crocheting a filet for the handle. you can go ahead and crochet in each chain.continue all the way across for the entire round. slp st to join.

round 4 is a repeat of round 3.

I've attached a zipper to this bag.
so yeah !! thats it . hope its easy to follow.  happy crocheting !!!

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